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9. CVS for MS Windows 95/98/NT/2000

It is VERY STRONGLY recommended that you use Samba(on cdrom samba*.rpm) and a VNC viewer (or PC X Server) on MS Windows 95/NT. With samba the Unix/Linux CVS server will be like a file server. By using Samba the remote directory on Unix will look like a local folder on MS Windows on the local disk. Install samba*.rpm on Unix/Linux server(which has the CVS repository) and install the VNC viewer (or PC X server) on MS Windows 95/NT/2000 desktop. Using a VNC (or PC X server) you can easily log on to the Unix box and check-out/check-in the files. And you can use tools like Java Visual Cafe or Java JBuilder on MS Windows to edit the files located in Unix/Linux folder(via samba). After editing, you can check-in the files to Unix through VNC or PC X-server.

Advantages of using CVS on Linux/Unix via MS Windows are:

The best tool for remote access is VNC. The VNC is lightweight and is much better than the PC X servers. The VNC is very strongly recommended over PC X server. The remote access methods available are:

Compiling qvwm on Solaris : On Solaris you should install the following packages which you can get from - xpm, imlib, jpeg, libungif, giflib, libpng, tiff. And you can download the binary package for solaris from

Or you can download the qvwm source for solaris from and compile it using gcc.

Troubleshooting compile: You should put unsigned long before arg in usleep() usleep((unsigned long) 10000)

The following PC X servers are available:

9.1 Windows 95/NT/2000 FTP Tools

You can also use the ftp tools on MS Windows to transfer files from a Unix/Linux (CVS repository) to windows:

9.2 Visual Cafe(Java), JBuilder, MS Visual C++, HTML files

Using Samba and a PC X server it is possible to use CVS on MS Windows platform. And the tools like Symantec Visual Cafe (Java), Inprise JBuilder, MS Visual C++ and others are easily supported by CVS.

You can also store the HTML files on a CVS repository via Samba and easily access them from MS Windows.

9.3 Samba Admin tool

To administer samba use the admin tools from Go here and click on "GUI Interfaces Tools".

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