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1. Preamble

Keywords: DNS, BIND, BIND 4, BIND 8, named, dialup, PPP, slip, ISDN, Internet, domain, name, resolution, hosts, caching.

This document is part of the Linux Documentation Project.

1.1 Legal stuff

(C)opyright 1995-2001 Nicolai Langfeldt, Jamie Norrish & Co. Do not modify without amending copyright, distribute freely but retain copyright message.

1.2 Credits and request for help.

I want to thank Arnt Gulbrandsen whom I cause to suffer through the drafts to this work and who provided many useful suggestions. I also want to thank the numerous people that have e-mailed suggestions and notes.

This will never be a finished document; please send me mail about your problems and successes. You can help make this a better HOWTO. So please send comments and/or questions or money to Or buy my DNS book. See the bibliography for information about that. If you send e-mail and want an answer please show the simple courtesy of making sure that the return address is correct and working. Also, please read the qanda section before mailing me. Another thing, I can only understand Norwegian and English.

This is a HOWTO. I have maintained it as part of the LDP since 1995. I have, during 2000, written a book on the same subject. I want to say that, though this HOWTO is in many ways much like the book it is not a watered down version concocted to market the book. You will however find the book in the bibliography at the end of this HOWTO. The readers of this HOWTO have helped me understand what is difficult to understand about DNS. This has helped the book, but the book has also helped me to think more about what this HOWTO needs. The HOWTO begot the book. The book begot version 3 of this HOWTO. My thanks to the book publisher, Que, that took a chance on me :-)

1.3 Dedication

This HOWTO is dedicated to Anne Line Norheim Langfeldt. Though she will probably never read it since she's not that kind of girl.

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