DSL HOWTO for Linux

Hal Burgiss


Original Author: David Fannin


Edited by

Greg LeBlanc

v1.5, 2002-01-07

Revision History
Revision v1.5 2002-01-07 Revised by: hb
Various small additions and updates.
Revision v1.4 2001-12-05 Revised by: hb
Minor Updates and catch-ups.
Revision v1.3 2001-06-25 Revised by: hb
Updates to various sections.
Revision v1.2 2001-03-28 Revised by: hb
Assorted changes and additions.
Revision v1.1 2000-11-14 Revised by: hb
Many miscellaneous minor corrections and updates.
Revision v0.99 2000-09-05 Revised by: hb
Various updates, additions and new sections.
Revision v0.92 1999-04-10 Revised by: df
First release (ADSL mini HOWTO).

This document examines the DSL family of high speed Internet services now being deployed in various markets worldwide. Information is included on the technology behind DSL as well as subscribing, installing, configuring, and troubleshooting, with an emphasis on how this impacts Linux users.

Table of Contents
1. Introduction
1.1. Document Structure and Reading Guidelines
1.2. What's New
1.3. Copyright
1.4. Credits
1.5. Disclaimer
1.6. Feedback
1.7. Conventions, Usage and Terminology
2. Installation
2.1. Pre-Installation
2.2. Installation Options -- Self Install or Not
2.3. Wiring/Installation Options
2.4. Self Install - Wiring
2.5. Wire the Splitter
2.6. Wire the DSL Jack
2.7. Installing Microfilters
2.8. Installing an Ethernet Modem
2.9. Installing a USB Modem
3. Configuring Linux
3.1. Bridged vs PPPoX Networks
3.2. Configuring the WAN Interface
3.3. Connect
4. Securing Your Connection
4.1. Security Quick-start
5. Performance Tuning and Troubleshooting
5.1. Tuning
5.2. Installation Problems
5.3. Sync Problems
5.4. Network and Throughput Problems
5.5. Measuring Throughput
6. Appendix: DSL Overview
6.1. The DSL Family
6.2. The DSLAM
6.3. DSL Modems
6.4. The ISP Connection
6.5. Availability
6.6. Choosing Providers
7. Appendix: FAQ
8. Appendix: Miscellaneous
8.1. Links
8.2. Glossary
8.3. Other Consumer Class High Speed Services
8.4. Compatible Modems
8.5. Linux Friendly DSL ISPs
8.6. Setting up Linux as a Router
9. Appendix: The Alcatel SpeedTouch USB ADSL Modem