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12. LanWorks BootWare PROMs

This information may save you time. In order to make LanWorks BootWare(tm) PROMs to correctly start up a Linux kernel image, the "bootsector" part of the image must be modified so as to enable the boot prom to jump right into the image start address. The net-bootable image format created by netboot/etherboot's `mknbi-linux' tool differs and will not run if used with BootWare PROMs.

A modified bootsector together with a Makefile to create a BootWare-bootable image after kernel compilation can be found at -

Refer to the README file for installation details. Currently, only "zImage"-type kernels are supported. Unfortunately, kernel parameters are ignored.

This section courtesy of Jochen Kmietsch email to - for any questions.

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