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1. Introduction

This howto is also available at - This document describes a setup for nfs over root. This document differs from the other root over nfs howto's in 2 ways:

  1. It describes both the server and the client side offering a complete solution, it doesn't desribe the generic principles off root over nfs although they will become clear. Instead it offers a working setup for root over nfs. One of the many possible setup's I might add.
  2. This solution is unique in that it shares the root of the server with the workstations (ws). Instead of having a mini-root per ws. This has a number of advantages:

This document is heavily based on a RedHat-5.2 system. Quite a bit of prior linux sysadmin experience is assumed in this howto, if you have that it shouldn't be a problem to addept this solutions to other distributions.

1.1 Copyright

Well here's the standard howto legal stuff:

This manual may be reproduced and distributed in whole or in part, without fee, subject to the following conditions:

Exceptions to these rules may be granted for academic purposes: Write to the author and ask. These restrictions are here to protect us as authors, not to restrict you as learners and educators.

1.2 Changelog

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