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Claus-Justus Heine,

v3.0, August 1998

This HOWTO discusses essential do's and dont's for the ftape floppy tape driver under Linux. It focusses on the newest version which is ftape-4.02 at the time of this writing. This HOWTO is to be intended as first step help and source of information. The ftape driver interfaces to QIC-40, QIC-80, QIC-3010 and QIC-3020 compatible drives, and to the Iomega Ditto 2GB and Ditto Max drives. The QIC-3010 and QIC-3020 standards are also known as `Travan' (TR-2 and TR-3). These drives connect via the floppy disk controller (FDC) which may be either an internal FDC or inside of certain parallel port floppy tape drives. Please refer to the section Supported drives for further information. ftape does not cover SCSI or QIC-02 tape drives. DAT tape drives usually (always?) connect to a SCSI controller. This is but one of the Linux HOWTO documents. You can get an index of the HOWTOs from the Linux HOWTO index, while the real HOWTO's can be fetched (using ftp) from (this is the ``official'' place) or via the World Wide Web from the Linux Documentation Project home page.

1. Legalese

2. Revision History

3. The preliminaries

4. Getting and installing ftape

5. The Care and Feeding of Tape and Tape Drives

6. Hardware support

7. Backing up and restoring data

8. Creating an emergency boot floppy for ftape

9. Frequently Asked Questions

10. FAQ: "Compiling and installing Ftape" related questions !

11. FAQ: "Using Ftape" related questions !

12. FAQ: "Tape and Drivers" related questions !

13. FAQ: Miscellaneous !

14. Debugging the ftape driver

15. Contributions

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