4.5. Applications / GUI / Multimedia

Topics covered in this section include:

Section 4.5.1 Installing Applications
Section 4.5.2 User Applications
Section 4.5.3 Server Applications
Section 4.5.4 GUI / Window Managers
Section 4.5.5 Multimedia

4.5.1. Installing Applications

4.5.2. User Applications

4.5.3. Server Applications DBMS / Databases

  • DB2-HOWTO, DB2 Version 7.1 for Linux HOWTO

    Updated: June 2001. Explicit instructions on installing DB2 Universal Database Version 7.1 for Linux on the following Intel x86-based distributions: Caldera OpenLinux 2.4, Debian, Red Hat Linux 6.2, SuSE Linux 6.2 and 6.3, and TurboLinux 6.0.

  • IngresII-HOWTO, Ingres II HOWTO

    Updated: September 2001. Helps install the Ingres II Relational Database Management System on Linux.

  • MMBase, MMBase Mini-HOWTO: Installation on Debian Woody

    Updated: October 2001. Describes how to set up MMBase on a Debian GNU/Linux (Woody) system.

  • Oracle-7-HOWTO, Oracle 7 Database HOWTO

    Updated: August 1998. A guide to installing and configuring the Oracle 7 Database Server on a Linux system.

  • Oracle-8-HOWTO, Oracle (8) for Linux Installation HOWTO

    Updated: June 2000. A guide to installing and configuring the Oracle 8i Enterprise Edition for Linux.

  • PostgreSQL-HOWTO, Database-SQL-RDBMS HOWTO for Linux

    Removed: January 2002. This HOWTO has been removed for review. Please visit the official PostgreSQL site for information on this topic.

  • Sybase-ASA-HOWTO, Sybase Adaptive Server Anywhere for Linux HOWTO

    Updated: April 2001. Guides you through the installation of SQL Anywhere Studio 7.0.2 for Linux and the basic operation and administration of Adaptive Server Anywhere databases.

  • Sybase-PHP-Apache, Sybase-PHP-Apache mini-HOWTO

    Updated: July 2001. Explains how to set up a Linux machine to run an Apache web server using PHP to access a Sybase-ASE database.

  • WWW-mSQL-HOWTO, A mSQL and perl Web Server HOWTO

    Updated: September 1997. How to build a SQL client/server database using WWW and HTML for the user interface. Mail

  • Cyrus-IMAP, Cyrus IMAP HOWTO

    Updated: October 2000. A comprehensive guide to installing, configuring, and running Cyrus Imap and Cyrus Sasl.

  • Mail-Administrator-HOWTO, The Linux Electronic Mail Administrator HOWTO

    Updated: January 2000. Describes the setup, care and feeding of Electronic Mail (e-mail) under Linux. Primarily intended for administrators.

  • Mail-Queue, Linux Mail-Queue mini-HOWTO

    Updated: December 2001. Configuration changes necessary to make sendmail deliver local mail now; while stashing remote mail in the queue until "I Say So".

  • Mail2News, Mail2News mini-HOWTO

    Updated: November 2000. How to feed a mailing list to a news server.

  • Majordomo-MajorCool-HOWTO, Majordomo and MajorCool HOWTO

    Updated: November 2000. Intended to guide a user through an installation of the Majordomo Mailing List Software and MajorCool (utility for managing Majordomo lists via a CGI script).

  • Offline-Mailing, Linux off-line mailing method (offline mailaddr with 1 account)

    Updated: June 1998. Use your linux mailing system offline, receive mail for multiple users with only one email address, and without being 24-24 online.

  • Outlook-to-Unix-Mailbox, MS Outlook to Unix Mailbox Conversion mini HOWTO

    Updated: January 2002. Covers conversion of old email in Microsoft Outlook (not Outlook Express!) to typical Unix file formats.

  • Qmail+MH, mini-HOWTO install qmail with MH

    Updated: March 1998. Installation experiences to offer some help to other users who wish to use this combination for their email.

  • Qmail-VMailMgr-Courier-imap-HOWTO, Qmail VMailMgr and Courier-Imap HOWTO

    Updated: April 2000. Building a mail server that will support virtual domain hosting and provide smtp, pop3 and imap services, using a powerful alternative to sendmail.

  • Secure-POP+SSH, Secure POP via SSH mini-HOWTO

    Updated: September 1998. How to set up secure POP connections using ssh.

  • Sendmail+UUCP, Sendmail+UUCP HOWTO

    Updated: May 1998. How to setup a single machine with no direct access to the internet to route mail for you via sendmail and UUCP to a 'smarter host' (eg. your ISP).

  • Sendmail-Address-Rewrite, sendmail address rewriting mini-HOWTO

    Updated: May 1998. A brief description of how to set up sendmail's configuration file for the home user's dial-up access.

  • VMailMgr-HOWTO, VMailMgr HOWTO

    Updated: April 2000. Explains how to setup VMailMgr to support pop3 virtual domain services in conjunction with Qmail. Usenet Network News

  • News-Leafsite, News Leafsite mini-HOWTO

    Updated: December 2001. This will help you to configure a small leafsite for Usenet News using the free software package Leafnode. HTTP / FTP

  • Apache-Overview-HOWTO, Apache Overview How-to

    Updated: March 2001. An overview of the Apache webserver and related projects. It provides pointers for further information and implementation details.

  • Apache-Compile-HOWTO, Apache Compile HOWTO (Linux edition)

    Updated: February 2002. Describes how to compile the Apache Webserver with important modules like mod_perl, mod_dav, mod_auth_ldap, mod_dynvhost, mod_roaming, mod_jserv, and mod_php.

  • Apache-mods, Apache+DSO+mod_ssl+mod_perl+php+mod_auth_nds+mod_auth_mysql+mod_fastcgi mini-HOWTO

    Updated: April 2000. Details the installation of an Apache based webserver suite configured to handle DSO, and various useful modules including mod_perl, mod_ssl and php.

  • Apache+SSL+PHP+fp, Linux Apache SSL PHP/FI frontpage mini-HOWTO

    Updated: July 1998. About building a multipurpose webserver that will support dynamic web content via the PHP/FI scripting language, secure transmission of data based on Netscape's SSL, secure execution of CGI's and M$Frontpage Server Extensions.

  • Apache-WebDAV-LDAP-HOWTO, Apache WebDAV and LDAP HOWTO

    Updated: November 2001. Instructs how to install, configure, run and maintain a finely-tuned Apache-based WebDAV server.

  • FTP, FTP mini-HOWTO

    Updated: January 2000. How to use ftp clients and servers

  • ISP-Setup-RedHat-HOWTO, "Pocket" ISP based on RedHat Linux

    Updated: January 2001. Outlines the setup of a single RedHat box for dial-ins,virtual web hosting, virtual email, POP3 and ftp servers.

  • Intranet-Server-HOWTO, The Linux Intranet Server HOWTO

    Updated: December 2001. How to setup an Intranet using Linux as the server which binds Unix, Netware, NT and Windows together.

  • phhttpd-HOWTO, PHHTTPD

    Updated: April 2001. phhttpd is an HTTP accelerator. It serves fast static HTTP fetches from a local file-system and passes slower dynamic requests back to a waiting server.

  • SSL-Certificates-HOWTO, SSL Certificates HOWTO

    Updated: November 2001. How to manage a certificate authority (CA), and issue or sign certificates to be used for secure web, secure e-mail, or signing code and other usages.

  • SSL-RedHat-HOWTO, Building a Secure RedHat Apache Server HOWTO

    Updated: February 2001. Explains how PKI and SSL work together. It is essential to understand how the SSL protocol works to successfully deploy a secure server.

  • Sybase-PHP-Apache, Sybase-PHP-Apache mini-HOWTO

    Updated: July 2001. Explains how to set up a Linux machine to run an Apache web server using PHP to access a Sybase-ASE database.

  • TransparentProxy, Transparent Proxy with Squid mini-HOWTO

    Updated: January 2002. Provides information on how to setup a transparent caching HTTP proxy server using only Linux and squid.

  • Virtual-Web, Virtual Web mini-HOWTO

    Updated: June 2001. Discuss the essentials of setting up a Virtual Web Site under Linux.


    Updated: August 1999. Information about setting up WWW services under Linux (both server and client). Miscellaneous

  • Bandwidth-Limiting-HOWTO, Bandwidth Limiting HOWTO

    Updated: November 2001. Describes how to set up your Linux server to limit download bandwidth or incoming traffic, and how to use your internet link more efficiently.

  • CDServer-HOWTO, CDServer-HOWTO

    Updated: January 2002. Describes the steps and commands you can use to setup your own CD Server using Linux and some built-in Unix commands along with other freely available software packages.

  • Fax-Server, Linux simple fax printer server mini-HOWTO (faxsrv-mini-HOWTO)

    Updated: November 1997. Describes in detail one of the simplest ways to setup a fax server on your Linux system.

  • Kiosk-HOWTO, Kiosk HOWTO

    Updated: October 1999. Provides a guide for setting up a WWW-based kiosk using Linux, X11R6, FVWM2, Netscape Navigator 4.X, and a customized trackball.


    Updated: July 2001. Information about installing, configuring, running and maintaining a LDAP (Lightweight Directory Access Protocol) Server on a Linux machine.

  • LDAP-Implementation-HOWTO, LDAP Implementation HOWTO

    Updated: March 2001. Describes the technical aspects of storing application data in a LDAP server. It focuses on the configuration of various applications to make them LDAP-aware.


    Updated: November 2000. How to configure Linux as NIS(YP) or NIS+ client and how to install as a NIS server.

  • Smart-Card-HOWTO, Smart Card HOWTO

    Updated: September 2001. Information on smart card technology and its applications in Linux environment.

  • Tango-HOWTO, Tango 2000 HOWTO

    Updated: July 2000. Describes the installation, configuration, and basic troubleshooting of Pervasive Software's Tango Application Server on Sun Solaris and various flavours of Linux.

  • Virtual-Services-HOWTO, Virtual Services HOWTO

    Updated: August 1998. How to virtualize a service.

4.5.4. GUI / Window Managers X Window System

  • BackspaceDelete, Linux Backspace/Delete mini-HOWTO

    Updated: January 2002. Solutions for having working Backspace and Delete keys on the console and on X.

  • Euro-Char-Support, Euro Character Support mini HOWTO

    Updated: September 2001. Describes how to make the Euro character support in GNU/Linux work.

  • FDU, XFree86 Font De-uglification HOWTO

    Updated: February 2002. How to fix ugly and unreadable X Window fonts.

  • i810-HOWTO, i810 with XFree86 4.x HOWTO

    Updated: May 2001. Describes getting XFree86 4.x running on Intel's i810 graphics chipset by using special features of the 2.4.0 kernel.

  • Intkeyb, How to setup international keyboard in X Windows

    Updated: December 2001. This xmodmap and kimap solutions will work for you in setting up any international keyboard for (Debian, RedHat, Mandrake, Corel) Linux, FreeBSD, OpenBSD, NetBSD and possibly every Unix that uses Xfree86 and KDE.

  • LBX, The LBX mini-HOWTO

    Updated: December 1997. LBX (Low Bandwidth X) is an X server extension which performs compression on the X protocol. It is meant to be used in conjunction with X applications and an X server which are separated by a slow network connection, to improve display and response time.

  • Remote-X-Apps, Remote X Apps mini-HOWTO

    Updated: December 2001. How to run remote X applications.

  • X-Big-Cursor, X11-big-cursor mini-HOWTO

    Updated: August 1997. How to use enlarged mouse cursors with the X window system.

  • XDM-Xterm, XDM and X Terminal mini-HOWTO

    Updated: November 2000. Describes the basic ideas for using XDM to manage X terminals. It is not meant to be a comprehensive discussion of all the features of XDM, but a gentle introduction to what XDM can to for X terminals.


    Updated: March 2001. How to setup XDMCP ("X Display Manager Control Protocol").

  • XFree86-HOWTO, The Linux XFree86 HOWTO

    Updated: September 2001. How to obtain, install, and configure version 4.0 of the XFree86 version of the X Window System (X11R6) for Linux systems.

  • XFree86-Second-Mouse, Second Mouse in X mini-HOWTO

    Updated: November 2001. Quick instructions to enable a second mouse in X.

  • XFree86-Touch-Screen-HOWTO, Linux Touch Screen HOWTO

    Updated: January 2002. How to set up a touch screen input device under XFree86.

  • XFree86-Video-Timings-HOWTO, XFree86 Video Timings HOWTO

    Updated: February 2002. How to compose a mode line for your card/monitor combination under XFree86.

  • XFree86-XInside, Linux XFree-to-Xinside mini-HOWTO

    Updated: September 1997. How to convert an XFree86 modeline into an XInside/XiGraphics one.

  • Xinerama-HOWTO, Using the Xinerama Extensions to MultiHead X v.4.0

    Updated: November 2000. How to configure XFree86 Version 4.0 with Multiple monitors and the Xinerama extentions.

  • XWindow-Overview-HOWTO, X Window System Architecture Overview HOWTO

    Updated: May 2001. Provides an overview of the X Window System's architecture.

  • XWindow-User-HOWTO, The X Window User HOWTO

    Updated: September 1999. Information on configuring the X Window environment for the Linux user, as well as for the beginning system administrator attempting to sort through the many configuration options and details of X Window. Window Managers

  • MGR-HOWTO, The MGR Window System HOWTO

    [ Archived ] Updated: May 1996. Information on the installation, configuration and running of the MGR Window System. Fonts

  • FDU, XFree86 Font De-uglification HOWTO

    Updated: February 2002. How to fix ugly and unreadable X Window fonts.

  • Font-HOWTO, Font HOWTO

    Updated: March 2000. Provides a comprehensive source to act as a starting point for any and all font questions about Linux.

  • Indic-Fonts-HOWTO, The Indic Fonts HOWTO

    Updated: January 2002. A detailed guide on how to install and use Indic scripts (devanagri etc.) using UTF-8 encoding under GNU/Linux.

  • TT-Debian, TrueType Fonts in Debian mini-HOWTO

    Updated: January 2000. How to configure a Debian system to use TrueType fonts for display and printing.

  • TT-XFree86, TrueType Fonts with XFree86 4.0.x mini-HOWTO

    Updated: February 2001. Describes how to use TrueType (*.ttf) fonts with XFree86 4.0.x.

4.5.5. Multimedia Audio

  • Alsa-sound, Alsa-sound-mini-HOWTO

    Updated: November 1999. Describes the installation of the ALSA sound drivers for Linux.

  • Sound-HOWTO, The Linux Sound HOWTO

    Updated: July 2001. Describes sound support for Linux (hardware, configuration, etc).

  • Sound-Playing-HOWTO, The Linux Sound Playing HOWTO

    Updated: August 1998. Lists applications for Linux that play various sound formats.


    Updated: January 2002. Describes the hardware, software and procedures needed to play and sequence using MIDI under Linux.

  • MP3-HOWTO, The Linux MP3 HOWTO

    Updated: December 2001. Describes the hardware, software and procedures needed to encode, play and stream MP3 sound files under Linux.

  • MP3-Box-HOWTO, MP3 Player Box HOWTO

    Updated: April 2001. Describes how to build, configure, install, and use a custom MP3 player box. It lists the necessary hardware and answers a number of frequently asked questions.

  • MP3-CD-Burning, Linux MP3 CD Burning mini-HOWTO

    Updated: November 2001. A complete recipe for creating audio CDs from MP3 files. Video


    Updated: October 2000. An easy to follow explanation on how to get DVD movie play-back in Linux.


    Updated: February 2000. Describes the hardware, software, and procedures needed to use a bt8x8 chipset based frame grabber or TV tuner card under Linux.