4. Get the installation files

This chapter describes how to get your hands on a copy of the LinuxPPC-2000 Q4 operating system.

4.1. Buying a CD

The easiest way to get all the files you need is perhaps just to buy an official CD set. You may order the CD set directly from http://order.linuxppc.com or you may try to find a local reseller, linuxppc.com has a list here.

4.2. Download CD images over FTP

The other way around is to download preformatted CD images, and burn them out yourself. You can download installation CD images for example from Linuxiso.org. You should download the LinuxPPC-2000 Q4 install image and the LinuxPPC-2000 Q4 software image. There are some interesting readme files on the download sites on burning the files to a CD-ROM.

To make a CD, you need some CD burning software package. This is outside the scope of this document, allthough any good CD burning software should be able to do it. Remark that the images are in HFS format, and NOT the usual iso9660 format.

4.3. Network installation

Other Linux distributions have often support for direct installation via a network connection. This is not currently supported in LinuxPPC-2000 Q4, at least not on these machines, yet.