2. Overview

2.1. The IBM RS6000 43P 7248-133

This chapter contains a short overview over the 7248-133 and Linux for PowerPC. The data for the other 7248 models should not be too different from this.

The IBM RS/6000 43P model 7248-133 is a not extremely new PReP based PowerPC workstation which was produced from 1995 through 1997. The 43P series includes a lot of machines, both CHRP and PReP based. Our model has among other things this to offer:

You can find more information at IBM's sales manual for this machine, found at this horrible URL

Linux has a native port to the PowerPC processor, and all official code is maintained in the main kernel tree. The main part of the port was done by Gary Thomas. The story of the port can be found here. For more information on running Linux on the PowerPC processor, check out the LinuxPPC homepage http://www.penguinppc.org.

2.2. What's the matter, why not use the original installation procedure?

The LinuxPPC-2000 Q4 distribution is made primary for the PowerMac Apple Macintosh. The installation programs has therefore no direct support for the 7248 nor the PReP architechture in general. But no worries, we'll make a few hacks, some manual configuration, and make it work anyway. Don't despair, this document will lead you through it, step by step.

2.3. An overview on what to do

Here is what we are going to do: