4.3. Configuring Windows for Workgroup 3.11

  1. If you haven't installed your network card and adapter driver, do so now. Descriptions to perform this task is beyond the scope of this document.

  2. Install the TCP/IP 32b package if you haven't already.

  3. In 'Main'/'Windows Setup'/'Network Setup', click on 'Drivers'.

  4. Highlight 'Microsoft TCP/IP-32 3.11b' in the 'Network Drivers' section, click 'Setup'.

  5. Set the IP Address to 192.168.0.x (1 < x < 255), then set the Subnet Mask to and Default Gateway to

  6. Do not enable any of the following options (unless you know what you are doing):

    • 'Automatic DHCP Configuration' : Unless you have a DHCP server running on your network.

    • Put anything in the 'WINS Server' input areas : Unless you have setup one or more WINS servers.

  7. Click 'DNS', fill in the appropriate information your Linux host uses (usually found in /etc/resolv.conf). Then click 'OK' when you're done with it.

  8. Click 'Advanced', check 'Enable DNS for Windows Name Resolution' and 'Enable LMHOSTS lookup' found in c:\windows.

  9. Click 'OK' in all dialog boxes and restart the system.

  10. As an initial test, ping the linux box to test the network connection: 'File/Run', type: ping (This is only an INTERNAL LAN connection test so you might not be able to ping the outside world yet.) If you don't see "replies" to your PINGs, please verify your network configuration.