4.5. Configuring DOS using NCSA Telnet package

  1. If you haven't installed your network card, do so now. Descriptions to perform this task is beyond the scope of this document.

  2. Load the appropriate packet driver. For example: an NE2000 Ethernet card set for I/O port 300 and IRQ 10, would need to be issued nwpd 0x60 10 0x300

  3. Make a new directory, and then unpack the NCSA Telnet package: pkunzip tel2308b.zip

  4. Use a text editor to open the config.tel file

  5. Set myip=192.168.0.x (1 < x < 255), and netmask=

  6. In this example, you should set hardware=packet, interrupt=10, ioaddr=60

  7. You should have at least one individual machine specified as the gateway, i.e. the Linux host:


  8. Have another specified as a domain name service:

         name=dns.domain.com ; hostip=; nameserver=1

    Note: substitute the appropriate information about the DNS according what your Linux host uses

  9. Save your config.tel file

  10. As an initial test, ping the Linux MASQ server to test the network connection: ping If you don't receive any replies, please verify your network configuration.