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9. Appendix: Using the ipfwadm-wrapper script.

The ipfwadm-wrapper shell script should be a plug-in replacement of ipfwadm for backwards compatibility with ipfwadm 2.3a.

The only feature it can't really handle is the `-V' option. When this is used, a warning is given. If the `-W' option is also used, the `-V' option is ignored. Otherwise, the script tries to find the interface name associated with that address, using ifconfig. If that fails (such as for an interface which is down) then it will exit with an error message.

This warning can be suppressed by either changing the `-V' to a `-W', or directing the standard output of the script to /dev/null.

If you should find any mistakes in this script, or any changes between the real ipfwadm and this script, please report a bug to me: send an EMail to with "BUG-REPORT" in the subject. Please list your old version of ipfwadm (ipfwadm -h), your version of ipchains (ipchains --version), the version of the ipfwadm wrapper script (ipfwadm-wrapper --version). Also send the output of ipchains-save. Thanks in advance.

Mix ipchains with this ipfwadm-wrapper script at your own peril.

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