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6. References

Useful LDP HOWTOs (well, actually, all others are useful too)

  1. Setting Up Your New Domain Mini-HOWTO., really good guide of DNS setup and general network setup (recommended reading)
  2. Linux WWW HOWTO, provides more details on Apache setup, including virtual hosting
  3. Red Hat Linux 6.X as an Internet Gateway for a Home Network, some hints on network setup
  4. IP Aliasing On A Linux Machine, used for multiple IP on the same interface
  5. Ethernet HOWTO, look here in case of network card trouble
  6. IPCHAINS HOWTO, turn to this if more security is desired
  7. Serial HOWTO, serial ports, lines, modems and related stuff
  8. PPP HOWTO,some notes on PPP server setup

Software (used or mentioned) websites

  1. Eudora POP3 server
  2. WU-FPTD ftp server
  3. Sendmail MTA
  4. Mgetty pages
  5. Apache httpd server

Other documents

  1. Armoring Linux
  2. Setting Up POP/PPP server
  3. Mgetty and Windows dialin info
  4. Using RedHat 5.1 to Start an ISP, the short article on how to start an ISP if all you have is a Linux RH ;-)
  5. Guest FTP server setup
  6. Linux Dialin Server Setup Guide Yet Another Guide about that
  7. virtfs a nice automatic tool for configuring virtual services based on Perl script
  8. Linux Public Access HOWTOan old and not updated for 5 years document describing Linux-based ISP, some nice hints on equipment (serial boards) and performance
  9. Sinlge IP virtual hosting, nice doc describing how to host everything on a single IP.

Resources, not related to the topic of the document ;-)

  1. I also maintain a list of computer/network security related books with (where available) reviews and online availability. It is posted at If you have a book that I don't list please use the form on the page and I will add it to the list and maybe review it later.
  2. Public Browser Station HOWTO, my mini-HOWTO on web-access terminal based on RedHat Linux
  3. Access the Web Anywhere, my article in Linux Journal about Internet Kiosks

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