1. About the Document and the Author


Better red, than dead.

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This document is based on the How to use part of the Linux/IrDA project homepage and the Linux/IrDA Tutorial by Jean Tourillhes. I have also included material provided by the Linux/IrDA core team, the Linux/IrDA mailing list and other sources.

The document is included in the LINUX DOCUMENTATION PROJECT - LDP .

The latest version of this document is available at MobiliX-HOWTOs. You may find my Linux-Mobile-Guide (the former Laptop-HOWTO), the Linux-Ecology-HOWTO and the Linux-Medicine-HOWTO there also.

Mathieu Arnold provides an earlier version of the IR-HOWTO in French.

Please feel free to contact me for comments or questions about the HOWTO. I know this material is not finished or perfect, but I hope you find it useful anyway. For other questions and current information about Linux/IrDA please ask in the Linux/IrDA mailing list as explained below.