Kodak Digital Camera HOWTO

David Burley

The purpose of this document is to help one get their Kodak digital camera working under GNU/Linux. The scope of the document may change at any time to include more camera models. As of the current version this document does support some other models than ones sold under the Kodak name. However those are only mentioned as they work with the same steps that similar Kodak cameras use. This document is not likely to grow to support all digital cameras as there are simply too many to document in one HOWTO.

Table of Contents
1. Introduction
1.1. History
1.2. New Versions
1.3. Copyright and Trademarks
1.4. Acknowledgments and Thanks
1.5. Author Contact Information
1.6. Endorsements
1.7. Sponsors
2. Background
2.1. Digital Camera Technology--How Things Work
2.2. Kodak Digital Camera Product Line
2.3. Communicating With Digital Cameras
3. Communicating With the DC-Series Cameras
3.1. DC40, DC50, DC120, DC200, DC210
3.2. DC20, DC25, DC200+, DC210, DC210+ Zoom, DC215, DC220, DC220+, DC240, DC260, DC265, DC280, DC290
3.3. DC220, DC260, DC265, DC290 (HP Photosmart C500?)
3.4. Compact Flash PC Card Adapter/PCMCIA-ATA Storage Card
4. Software Support
4.1. OpenDiS (Open Digita Services)
4.2. Digita Operating Environment- Command Device Protocol Python Script
4.3. gPhoto
4.4. kdcpi
4.5. jPhoto
5. Additional Online Resources
5.1. Kodak Digital Camera Mailing Lists
5.2. Other Useful Mailing Lists
5.3. Useful Web Sites / Other Resources
6. FAQ
8. Appendix
8.1. Drivers for Alternate Operating Systems
8.2. Programs for Alternate Operating Systems