2. Reviewing Newly Submitted Documentation

This review project will continue throughout the life of the LDP. The process will act as a front-end quality assurance review for new documentation which is submitted to the LDP. Ideally documents will be reviewed within one week of their submission to the LDP.

Coordinators of this effort will announce to the list or notify individual review members of new document submissions. The coordinators will try to funnel documents to reviewers who have knowledge in the same technical area as the documentation. If the reviewer is not a technical expert in that particular area and needs technical questions answered, there will be a technical expert designated who will be ble to address any technical issues or questions.

Once reviewers have agreed to work on a document, they will have one week to complete the review. If they are not able to complete the review within that time frame, they will need to let the coordinator know of their difficulties so that the author can be notified of the problem. Because these reviews need to be conducted rather quickly, there will be times when reviewers will be more able to accept review work.

When reviewing newly submitted documents, refer to the Section 4 and Section 5 portions of this guide for the types of information to verify and correct. As a reviewer, you will need to check the documents out of the CVS and make any necessary changes. If changes are so extensive or if the document has glaringly and fundamentally fatal errors, contact a coordinator to let him or her know what the problems are. Once changes are made, the reviewer will update the minor version number, submit the changes to the CVS, and send the original author a copy of the source.