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11. Other Resources

Kenneth E. Harker maintains a quite valuable database at . Please have a look at his site to get current information about laptop related mailing lists, newsgroups, magazines and newsletters, WWW sites and a big database about many different laptop pages.

To join the mailing list visit the subsription page at There you may also find the list archiv.

To join the other Linux-Laptop-Mailing-List write a mail to <> with subscribe linux-laptop in the subject. You will get a confirmation message than, which you have to reply accordingly. As far as I know there is no list archiv.

There is now a debian-laptop mailing list. Any questions or discussions concerning running the Debian/GNU Linux operating system(s) on laptops are welcome. Send mail to <> with a subject of subscribe. Or visit the site and use the online form.

Also recently founded was Running Linux on IBM ThinkPads, to join send an email to, to post send mail to . See

Lionel, "trollhunter" Bouchpan-Lerust-Juery, <> has written a similar HOWTO, please look at his laptop pages (French version) (English version).

Newsgroups are comp.os.linux.portable, comp.sys.laptops .

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