20.4. Maillists

More to be filled later...suggestions are welcome!

Request e-mail address What to subscribe Maillist e-mail address Language Focus Access through WWW
majordomo (at) oss.sgi.com netdev netdev (at) oss.sgi.com English Linux kernel networking including IPv6 Archive
majordomo (at) atlan.uni-muenster.de ipv6 ipv6 (at) uni-muenster.de German/English IPv6/6bone in Germany Info, Archive
majordomo (at) isi.edu 6bone 6bone (at) isi.edu English 6bone Info, Threaded archive, Mirror of archive
majordomo (at) sunroof.eng.sun.com ipng ipng (at) sunroof.eng.sun.com English IPv6 discussions Info, Archive, Mirror of archive
majordomo (at) ipv6.org users users (at) ipv6.org English IPv6 users Info
usagi-users-ctl (at) linux-ipv6.org   usagi-users (at) linux-ipv6.org English Linux IPv6 users using USAGI extension Info / Search, Archive
majordomo (at) mfa.eti.br ipv6 ipv6 (at) mfa.eti.br Portuguese   Info

Another source is JOIN Project / List of IPv6-related maillists.