20.2. Online information

20.2.1. Join the IPv6 backbone

More to be filled later...suggestions are welcome! Global registries

  • IPv6 test backbone: 6bone, How to join 6bone Major regional registries

  • America: ARIN, ARIN / registration page, ARIN / IPv6 guidelines

  • EMEA: Ripe NCC, Ripe NCC / registration page, Ripe NCC / IPv6 registration

  • Asia/Pacific: APNIC, APNIC / IPv6 information

  • Latin America and Caribbea: LACNIC

  • Africa: AfriNIC

Also a list of major (prefix length 35) allocations per local registry is available here: Ripe NCC / IPv6 allocations. Tunnel brokers

  • Freenet6, Canada

  • Hurricane Electric, US backbone

  • Centro Studi e Laboratory Telecomunicazioni, Italy

  • Wanadoo, Belgium

  • CERTNET-Nokia, China

  • Tunnelbroker Leipzig, Germany - DialupUsers with dynamic IP's can get a fix IPv6 IP...

  • Internet Initiative Japan, Japan - with IPv6 native line service and IPv6 tunneling Service

  • XS26 - "Access to Six", Netherland - with POPs in Slovak Republic, Czech Republic, Netherlands, Germany and Hungary.

  • IPng Netherland, Netherland - Intouch, SurfNet, AMS-IX, UUNet, Cistron, RIPE NCC and AT&T are connected at the AMS-IX. It is possible (there are requirements...) to get an static tunnel.

  • UNINETT, Norway - Pilot IPv6 Service (for Customers): tunnelbroker & address allocation

  • NTT Europe, NTT Euroope, United Kingdom - IPv6 Trial. IPv4 Tunnel and native IPv6 leased Line connections. POPs are located in London, UK Dusseldorf, Germany New Jersey, USA (East Coast) Cupertino, USA (West Coast) Tokyo, Japan

  • ESnet, USA - Energy Sciences Network: Tunnel Registry & Address Delegation for directly connected ESnet sites and ESnet collaborators.

  • 6REN, USA - The 6ren initiative is being coordinated by the Energy Sciences Network (ESnet), the network for the Energy Research program of the US Dept. of Energy, located at the University of California's Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

See also here for more information and URLs: ipv6-net.org. 6to4

  • NSayer's 6to4 information

  • RFC 3068 / An Anycast Prefix for 6to4 Relay Routers

20.2.2. Latest news

More to be filled later...suggestions are welcome!

20.2.3. Protocol references

More to be filled later...suggestions are welcome!

20.2.4. More information

More to be filled later...suggestions are welcome! Linux related Linux related per distribution


Polish(ed) Linux Distribution ("market leader" in containing IPv6 enabled packages)

Red Hat

Red Hat Linux, Pekka Savola's IPv6 packages


Debian Linux, Craig Small's IPv6 information and status


SuSE Linux


Linux Mandrake

For more see the distribution status page General

  • IPv6.org

  • 6bone

  • UK IPv6 Resource Centre - UK

  • JOIN: IPv6 information - Germany, by the JOIN project team maintaining also Links to external WWW pages comprising IPv6/IPng

  • TIPSTER6 project - Hungary, "Testing Experimental IPv6 Technology and Services in Hungary"

  • WIDE project - Japan

  • SWITCH IPv6 Pilot - Switzerland

  • IPv6 Corner of Hubert Feyrer - Germany

  • Vermicelli Project - Norway

  • IPv6 Forum - a world-wide consortium of leading Internet vendors, Research & Education Networks...

  • Playground.sun.com / IPv6 Info Page - maintained by Robert Hinden, Nokia

  • NASA Ames Research Center (old content)

  • 6INIT - IPv6 Internet Initiative - an EU Fifth Framework Project under the IST Programme

Something missing? Suggestions are welcome! In Portuguese

  • IPv6 pages of Miguel Rosa

  • FCCN (National Foundation for the Scientific Computation)

  • Grupo de Pesquisa em IPv6 do Brasil

  • University of Algarve, Portugal

  • IPv6 - MFA

20.2.5. By countries Australia

  • Carl's Australian IPv6 Pages (old content) Belgium

  • BELNET - the Belgian Research Network

  • Euronet - one of the biggest ISP's of Belgium... France

  • Renater - Renater IPv6 Project Page Italy

  • Edisontel - IPv6 Portal of Edisontel Japan

  • Yamaha IPv6 (sorry, all in japanese native ...) Korea

  • IPv6 Forum Korea - Korean IPv6 Deployment Project Mexico

  • IPv6 Mexico (spain & english version) - IPv6 Project Hompeage of The National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM) Netherland

  • SURFnet - SURFnet IPv6 Backbone

  • STACK, STACK (IPv6) - Students' computer association of the Eindhoven University of Technology, Netherland. United Kingdom

  • British Telecom IPv6 Home - BT's ISP IPv6 Trial, UK's first IPv6 Internet Exchange etc.

20.2.6. By operating systems Cisco IOS

  • Cisco IOS IPv6 Entry Page Compaq

  • IPv6 at Compaq - Presentations, White Papers, Documentation... Microsoft

  • Microsoft Windows 2000 IPv6

  • MSRIPv6 - Microsoft Research Network - IPv6 Homepage

  • Getting Started with the Microsoft IPv6 Technology Preview for Windows 2000 *BSD

  • KAME project - Japan, (*BSD)

  • NetBSD's IPv6 Networking FAQ Solaris

  • Sun Microsystems IPv6 Page for Solaris 8 Sumitoma

  • Sumitomo Electric has implemented IPv6 on Suminet 3700 family routers

20.2.7. Application lists Analyzer tools

  • Etherreal - Ethereal is a free network protocol analyzer for Unix and Windows

  • Radcom RC100-WL - Download Radcom RC100-WL protocol analyzer version 3.20

20.2.8. Request For Comments (RFCs)

See here for more