3. Pre-Built Standard MILO Images.

If you are planning to run Linux on a standard Alpha based system, then there are pre-built "standard" MILO images that you might use. The original images (along with the sources and other interesting stuff) can be found in gatekeeper.dec.com/pub/Digital/Linux-Alpha/Miniloader.

The images subdirectory contains a directory per standard system (eg AlphaPC64) with MILO images having the following naming convention:

  1. MILO - Miniloader executable image, this image can be loaded in a variety of ways,

  2. fmu.gz - Flash management utility,

  3. MILO.dd - Boot block floppy disk image. These should be written using rawrite.exe or dd on Linux.

The test-images, like the images subdirectory contains a directory per standard system. These images are somewhat experimental but tend to contain all the latest features.

Digital/Compaq is no longer doing any work on MILO itself. However several people have picked up where Compaq left off.