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5. Configuring the Thin Client

Unplug the network cable from the NC. Then boot it up.

It will boot and display that fine NCD ThinSTAR logo but alse the ugly Windows CE stuff :-)). After the NC has booted, it displays the NCD ThinSTAR setup wizard (if you already have been using the NC, it will not show the wizard, but by pressing ALT-CTRL-F2 you can still reconfigure the system). The first selection is the most important one: Client selection. Be sure to change this to NCD ThinSTAR X Client.

Then you have to setup the NC's IP address. We did pick a static IP. You can also specify a DNS server, but this is not needed. To finish pick your monitors resolution. The NC should be restarted now. (Windows CE Remember ;-) )

After a while you will see the NCD ThinSTAR Connection Manager on your screen. First you can continue configuring your system by pressing ALT+CTRL+F2. Things to be configured are: keyboard and mouse. This panel also allows you to reconfigure other parts of your NC. Press OK to commit changes, and you will return to the NCD ThinSTAR Connection Manager.

The NCD ThinSTAR Connection Manager gives 2 options: connections and configure. So lets configure the system first. Pick 'X terminal' from the menu and press the edit or add button.

The NCD ThinSTAR X Connection Properties allows you to configure the name, connection options, host and color. We prefer the these settings: * Connection Option : XDM Query * Host: specify when connection is made * (other settings are not important) You could also specify a fixed X server but the broadcast option is easier.

Basicly your done now and you should be able to start a session by double-clicking the connection you just edited or added. You should get a list with all the X servers you are using.

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