Chapter 5. Generic Network Configuration Information.

Table of Contents
5.1. What do I need to start ?
5.1.1. Current Kernel source(Optional).
5.1.2. IP Addresses: an Explanation.
5.2. Where should I put the configuration commands ?
5.3. Creating your network interfaces.
5.4. Configuring a network interface. Kernels 2.0 and 2.2
5.5. Configuring your Name Resolver.
5.5.1. What's in a name ?
5.5.2. What information you will need.
5.5.3. /etc/resolv.conf
5.5.4. /etc/host.conf
5.5.5. /etc/hosts
5.5.6. Running a name server
5.6. Configuring your loopback interface.
5.7. Routing.
5.8. Configuring your network servers and services.
5.8.1. /etc/services
5.8.2. /etc/inetd.conf
5.9. Other miscellaneous network related configuration files.
5.9.1. /etc/protocols
5.9.2. /etc/networks
5.10. Network Security and access control.
5.10.1. /etc/ftpusers
5.10.2. /etc/securetty
5.10.3. The tcpd hosts access control mechanism. /etc/hosts.allow /etc/hosts.deny
5.10.4. /etc/hosts.equiv
5.10.5. Configure your ftp daemon properly.
5.10.6. Network Firewalling.
5.10.7. Other suggestions.

You will pretty much need to know and understand the following subsections before you actually try to configure your network. They are fundamental principles that apply regardless of the exact nature of the network you wish to deploy.