Chapter 12. Other Network Technologies

Table of Contents
12.1. ARCNet
12.2. Appletalk (AF_APPLETALK)
12.2.1. Configuring the Appletalk software.
12.2.2. Exporting a Linux filesystems via Appletalk.
12.2.3. Sharing your Linux printer across Appletalk.
12.2.4. Starting the appletalk software.
12.2.5. Testing the appletalk software.
12.2.6. Caveats of the appletalk software.
12.2.7. More information
12.3. ATM
12.4. AX25 (AF_AX25)
12.5. DECNet
12.6. FDDI
12.7. Frame Relay
12.8. IPX (AF_IPX)
12.9. NetRom (AF_NETROM)
12.10. Rose protocol (AF_ROSE)
12.11. SAMBA - `NetBEUI', `NetBios', `CIFS' support.
12.12. STRIP support (Starmode Radio IP)
12.13. Token Ring
12.14. X.25
12.15. WaveLan Card

The following subsections are specific to particular network technologies. The information contained in these sections does not necessarily apply to any other type of network technology. The topics are sorted alphabetically.