Chapter 6. Ethernet Information

Table of Contents
6.1. Supported Ethernet Cards
6.1.1. 3Com
6.1.2. AMD, ATT, Allied Telesis, Ansel, Apricot
6.1.3. Cabletron, Cogent, Crystal Lan
6.1.4. Danpex, DEC, Digi, DLink
6.1.5. Fujitsu, HP, ICL, Intel
6.1.6. KTI, Macromate, NCR NE2000/1000, Netgear, New Media
6.1.7. PureData, SEEQ, SMC
6.1.8. Sun Lance, Sun Intel, Schneider, WD, Zenith, IBM, Enyx
6.2. General Ethernet Information
6.3. Using 2 or more Ethernet Cards in the same machine

This section covers information specific to Ethernet, and it also covers the configuring of Ethernet Cards.