9.2. Adding a route with the new ip tools

In the previous section, we spoke about both listing the routing table and we discussed what the basics of that listing meant. Fortunately, the output is very similar to the syntax that you would use to implement that exact routing table on your own.

ip route add dev eth0  scope link
ip route add dev eth0 proto kernel scope link src
ip route add dev lo  scope link
ip route add default via dev eth0

As you can see, the output and input are almost exact (except for the adding of the ip route add in front of the line).

Note: We are aware that the documentation on Routing with 2.2 is sorely lacking in details. In fact, I think EVERYONE is aware of it! If you have any experience in this matter, please contact us at: We would like to get any information that you may have to help strengthen our documentation!

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