3.1. Conventions used in this document

No special conventions are used here, but you must be warned about the way commands are shown. This howto follows the classic Unix documentation: any command you type to your shell is prefixed by a prompt. It shows "user%" as the prompt for commands that do not require superuser privileges, and "root#" as the prompt for commands that need to run as root. I chose to use "root#" instead of a plain "#" to prevent confusion with snapshots from shell scripts (where the hash mark is used to define comment lines).

When ``Kernel Compile Options'' are shown, they are represented in the format used by menuconfig. They should be understandable even if you (like me) are not used to menuconfig. If you are in doubt about the options' nesting, then running the program once can always help. Was this section helpful? Why not Donate $2.50?