4.1. Linux Networking Resources.

There are a number of places where you can find good information about Linux networking.

There are a wealth of Consultants available to assist you. A search able listing can be found at: http://www.linuxports.com/.

Alan Cox, the current maintainer of the Linux kernel networking code, maintains a world wide web page containing highlights of current and new developments in Linux Networking: www.uk.linux.org.

There is a newsgroup in the Linux news hierarchy dedicated to networking and related matters at this location: comp.os.linux.networking

You can also subscribe to a mailing list where you may ask questions relating to Linux networking. Send an email message for a subscription to:

       To: majordomo@vger.rutgers.edu
        Subject: anything at all
        subscribe linux-net

Please remember to include as much relevant detail about the problem as possible. You should specify the versions of software that you are using (especially the kernel version), the version of tools such as pppd/ or dip , and the exact nature of the problem(s) that you are experiencing. This means you should take notes of both the exact syntax of error message(s) you receive, and of any commands that you are issuing. Was this section helpful? Why not Donate $2.50?