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13. Acknowledgements and disclaimer

This document is based on the work of many other people who have made it possible for Linux to be what it is now: one of the best network operating systems. All credit is theirs. A lot of effort has been put into this document to make it simple but accurate and complete but not excessively long. Nevertheless, no liability will be assumed by the author under any circumstance. Use the information contained here at your own risk. Please feel free to e-mail me suggestions, corrections or general comments about the document so I can improve it. Other topics that will probably be included in futures revisions of this document may include radius, web/ftp mirroring tools such as wget, traffic analyzers, CORBA... and many others that may be suggested and suitable. You can reach me at .

Finally I would like to thank , , and specially and for their careful reviews and comments on this HOWTO. Their help is greatly appreciated.

You can find a version of this document at

Daniel Lopez Ridruejo 8 July 2000

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