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14. IDE tools for PHP

Many HTML editors are supporting PHP. In near future every HTML editors and XML editor will be supporting PHP "Rapid Application Development" tool.

You will notice that some of the PHP editors run only on MS Windows. Yes!! there are millions of PHP developers on MS Windows platform. PHP is IMMENSELY POPULAR on Microsoft Windows platform and is surprisingly more popular than Microsoft's own ASP web scripting language!! PHP runs lot faster than ASP on MS Windows and has more features and functionalities than Microsoft ASP. PHP is much more robust, reliable and powerful than ASP. There are more PHP users under MS Windows98/NT/2000 than on any other operating system!! PHP initially started on Linux/UNIX environment but today there are more PHP developers on MS Windows platform as compared to UNIX.

14.1 PHP IDE

PHP IDE tools are at :

14.2 PHP IDE for MS Windows only

PHP IDE/editor on MS Windows platform are :

14.3 PHP IDE for both MS Windows and Linux

PHP IDE/editor for bot MS Windows and Linux platforms are :

14.4 PHP IDE for Linux only

The best IDE for PHP on linux is Coffeecup Editor as given below:

14.5 PHP Utilities

Zend is a server-side caching software speeds up Web site performance, maximizes hardware resources, and improves the online experience of customers, providing a good return on investment. Zend accelerator caches PHP scripts, helping to reduce processing time and Web server load while enabling administrators to monitor site performance in real time. Cost is $980 and supports Linux, Solaris and FreeBSD. Zends provides:

14.6 Convert Microsoft ASP scripts to PHP - ASP2PHP

To convert ASP scripts to PHP use this utility

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