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9. PHP Libraries

The PHP is a object-oriented scripting language. Hence PHP code is "classes, classes, classes and classes". When you write PHP code you must design your classes such that they are re-usable or they use existing PHP classes. There are hundreds of PHP classes already written and ready to use. There are classes for accessing databases, classes for generating XML, HTML forms, classes for creating tables, forms and other HTML objects. If you write some generic classes then please upload to sites. By year 2005, there will be more than hundred million re-usable PHP classes. Advantage of PHP classes are they provide - data hiding, inheritance, encapsulation, reliability, reusability and polymorphism. The most important PHP sites are PHP classes and PEAR as given below.

9.1 Classes and PEAR

Visit the following web sites which have large collections of ready to use PHP class libraries.

9.2 Other PHP Utilities

Other PHP utilities are at :

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