Palm OS Desktop HOWTO

Sean Buckley

David H. Silber - Original version

v2.0.0, 6 January 2002

This HOWTO describes the use of Palm OS devices with Linux. Most of the advice is applicable to any version of the Palm PDA, and also to other devices that use the Palm OS, such as the Handspring Visor and Sony Clie. Many of the tools described here will also work with other types of Unix, such as FreeBSD.

NOTE: this is a work in progress. There's a lot more I want to write, and I've noted areas that need work (look for TODO in the text). This version is very much an early draft to get the ball rolling. I would especially appreciate feedback from users of other combinations of PDA and Linux distribution (I currently use an m505 with Mandrake 8.1).

Table of Contents
1. Introduction
1.2. New versions of this document
1.3. Major Changes
1.4. Copyright and Licensing
2. Connecting to the PC
2.1. Serial Connection
2.2. USB Connection
2.3. IR Connection
2.4. Network Connection
3. The pilot-link suite
3.1. Installing the pilot-link software
3.2. Using the pilot-link software
4. Coldsync
4.1. Installing coldsync
4.2. Using coldsync
5. Desktop Applications.
5.1. JPilot
5.2. Gnome-pilot
5.3. KPilot
5.4. XNotesPlus
6. Other Software
A. Appendix
A.1. Resources
A.2. A History of Palm OS devices.