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7. Testing the program - monitor_test

From your browser save this file as text-file named as 'monitor_test'.

Use this program for testing the 'procautostart' program. For example -

        procautostart -n 12 -c "monitor_test -d $HOME  -a dummy_arg " nohup &

Here procautostart will be checking the process monitor_test every 12 seconds.


# Program to test the procautostart

echo "Started the monitor_test ...."
date > monitor_test.log
while :
        date >> monitor_test.log
        sleep 2

Then do a tail command to monitor the output. And simulate the failures of monitor_test programs.
        bash$ tail -f monitor_test.log
        bash$ ps -ef | grep monitor_test
See the PID of monitor_test and kill it..
        bash$ kill -9 < PID of monitor_test >

Once you kill the process, you will notice that it immediately comes alive due to procautostart !
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