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9. This document...

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You can link to the RedHat-CD mini HOWTO by making the following reference on your home page:

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9.1 Related documentation

Ed Schlunder <> has written a utility called fix-rhcd to let you check your Red Hat Linux distribution mirror for matching file sizes, names, permissions, and symlinks against an "ls -lNR" listing from the offical Red Hat ftp site. Any permissions that are wrong are changed to match the ls listing. See the fix-rhcd homepage.

Rod Smith <> has written a Do-It-Yourself Red Hat Installation guide, which also includes information on creating RedHat install CD's. Especially aimed at burning a CD from a non-UNIX system. Find it at

A document in french ``Comment graver un CD de la RedHat 5.x a partir de fichiers telecharges sur Internet...'' by <> is available from

With the sense of the good things in life Jussi Torhonen from Finland <> tells us Howto make a homebrew bootable RedHat Linux 5.2 CD-ROM.

>From the LDP project, see the CD-writing HOWTO.

9.2 Acknowledgements

Apart from those mentioned above, thanks are given to the following people for valuable input, feedback and discussions:

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