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3. Quick Start for ROOT RAID

If you use RedHat, see the Howto set up RedHat section in Appendix H. I have not tried this. If you use it successfully, please let me know so I can update this document.

If you don't want to try and build and debug the rescue system, you can get a generic one created from Slackware-3.4 from:
Perform the following steps: Correct the entries in fstab to show /dev/md0 as the root device. Make sure that the partition(s) you use for booting is included in fstab.

Create /etc/raidboot.conf which describes the raid boot configuration. This file may NOT contain comments in the first three lines, after that it doesn't matter.


        /dev/sda1 /dev/sda2
# comments may only be placed 'after' the three
# configuration lines.
# This is '/etc/raidboot.conf'
# line one, the partition(s) containing the 'initrd' raid-rescue system
#       It is not necessary to boot from these partitions, however,
#       since the rescue system will not fit on floppy, it is necessary
#       to know which partitions are to be used to load the rescue system
# line two, the path to the raidboot config information
#       Where the shutdown status, etc... is located at boot time
#       It does NOT include the mount point information, only 'path'
#       /mntpoint/'path'
# line -3-, name of the raid configuration file
#       Current raid configuration file i.e. raid1.conf, raid5.conf
A few more things to do and the raid systems is ready to boot.

Create rc.raidown, as described in Appendix F, and copy it to /etc/rc.d on the rescue, development, and raid system. Unmount the rescue system and zip it.

        umount mnt
        losetup -d /dev/loop0
        mv rescue.clean rescue
        gzip rescue
Copy the rescue file to the raidboot partitions.
        cp rescue.gz /mnt_point(1)/raidboot
        cp rescue.gz /mnt_point(2)/raidboot
Activate the raid array.
        mdadd -ar
Save the good reference status to the raidboot partition
        cat /proc/mdstat | grep md0 > /mnt_point(1)/raidboot/raidgood.ref
        cat /proc/mdstat | grep md0 > /mnt_point(1)/raidboot/raidgood.ref
Lastly, configure the boot program as outlined in Boot Time Configuration Parameters and reboot your system onto the raid array.

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