B.6. Changes during the lk 2.4 series

In lk 2.4.7, the "lun" bits (3 bits representing lun values 0 through 7 in the SCSI 1 and SCSI 2 standards) are no longer masked into the second byte of SCSI commands if the INQUIRY for that devices shows a SCSI level greater than SCSI_2.

In lk 2.4.7 the max_scsi_luns kernel (and module scsi_mod) option previously could be 1 to 7. Now the upper value can be large. [The scan algorithms are still doing a sequential scan rather than using REPORT_LUNS.]

In lk 2.4.7 both scsi_unregister_host() and scsi_unregister_module() now return an int (previously they were void functions). They return 0 for success, -1 for failure (typically busy).

In lk 2.4.7 the upper level drivers now report the correct scsi device name when they are attached. [The log messages that started with "Detected ..." previously sometimes reported the wrong device (e.g. sdc rather than sdb).] Kernel boot up messages will now show SCSI devices as "Attached ...".