Appendix A. History

Here are a few key events in the development of this book, starting from most recent events:

2001-01-01 David A. Wheeler

Version 2.70 released, adding a significant amount of additional material, such as a significant expansion of the discussion of cross-site malicious content, HTML/URI filtering, and handling temporary files.

2000-05-24 David A. Wheeler

Switched to GNU's GFDL license, added more content.

2000-04-21 David A. Wheeler

Version 2.00 released, dated 21 April 2000, which switching the document's internal format from the Linuxdoc DTD to the DocBook DTD. Thanks to Jorge Godoy for helping me perform the transition.

2000-04-04 David A. Wheeler

Version 1.60 released; changed so that it now covers both Linux and Unix. Since most of the guidelines covered both, and many/most app developers want their apps to run on both, it made sense to cover both.

2000-02-09 David A. Wheeler

Noted that the document is now part of the Linux Documentation Project (LDP).

1999-11-29 David A. Wheeler

Initial version (1.0) completed and released to the public.

Note that a more detailed description of changes is available on-line in the ``ChangeLog'' file.