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15. Acknowledgments

Information here is collected from many sources. Thanks to the following who either indirectly or directly have contributed:

Rob Riggs

S. Coffin

Viktor Przebinda

Roelof Osinga

Kyle Hasselbacher

David S. Jackson

Todd G. Ruskell

Rogier Wolff


Nic Bellamy

Eric Hanchrow

Robert J. Berger

Ulrich Alpers

David Noha

Pavel Epifanov.

Joe Germuska.

Franklin S. Werren

Paul Rusty Russell

Christine Gaunt


A. Steinmetz

Jun Morimoto

Xiaotian Sun

Eric Hanchrow

Camille Begnis

Neil D

Michael Tandy

Tony Foiani

Matt Johnston <>

Geoff Billin

Hal Burgiss

Ian Macdonald


Mario Kratzer

Othmar Pasteka

Robert M

Cinnamon Lowe

The following have translated this HOWTO into various other languages!

A special thank you to all of them for help spreading the Linux word...

Polish: Ziemek Borowski

Japanese: FUJIWARA Teruyoshi

Indonesian: Tedi Heriyanto

Korean: Bume Chang

Spanish: Juan Carlos Fernandez

Dutch: "Nine Matthijssen"


Turkish: tufan karadere

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