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5. LaTeX extension packages and other resources.

We mentioned above that using underlining as a form of text emphasis presents special problems. Actually, TeX has no problem underlining text, because it is a convention of mathematical typesetting. In LaTeX, you can underline words with the command:

\underline{text to be underlined}
The problem is that underlining will not break across lines, and, in some circumstances, underlining can be uneven. However, there is a LaTeX macro package, ready-made, that makes underlining the default mode of text emphasis. It's called ulem.sty, and is one of the many contributed LaTeX packages that are freely available via the Internet.

To use ulem.sty, include the command:

in the document preamble.

The packages which are available for LaTeX include:


Include conditional statements in your documents.


Defines a font for initial dropped capitals.


Font and preprocessor for producing documents in Sanskrit.


A LaTeX2e class to typeset recipes.


Variant report and article styles.

To make the path given in the Catalogue into a fully-qualified URL, concatenate the path to the host name URL and top-level path of the CTAN archive you wish to contact. For example, the top-level CTAN directory of the site is ctan/tex-archive. The complete URL of the directory of the refman package would be:   + 
macros/latex/contrib/supported/refman   =
Some packages have more than one file, so only the path to the package's directory is given.

When you have the URL in hand, you can retrieve the package from one of the CTAN archive sites listed in section Appendix A. You can download a complete list of the archive's contents as the file FILES.byname, in the archive's top-level directory. You can also search the archive on line for a keyword with the ftp command

quote site index <keyword>

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