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4. References and FTP sites

4.1 Other documents of relevance

The HOWTOs ought to be available from all mirrors of

The Linux Danish/International HOWTO by Niels Kristian Bech Jensen

The Linux Cyrillic HOWTO by Alexander L. Belikoff

The Keystroke mini-HOWTO by Zenon Fortuna.

The Locales mini-HOWTO by Peeter Joot. (This one is mainly for developers.)

The ISO-8859-1 FAQ and Programming for Internationalization FAQ (plus much more) by Michael Gschwind is available from his homepage.

4.2 Thai related stuffs

" NACSIS R& D Thai Project Page " ,

" ZzzThai Project " ,

" Vuthichai's Page " ,

" An annotated reference to the Thai implementations " ,

" X window and Thai language " ,

" SchoolNet Internet Sever " ,

" Thai Open Source Development " ,

" Linux Thai Project " ,

" ThaiLinux unofficial Webboard " ,

" Thai Linux installation project " ,

4.3 FTP and Web sites

Most softwares and Thai fonts which introdued in this howto.



SunSite and mirrors. doc/howto has the above mentioned HOWTOs. utils/nls and subdirectories contain files related to National Language Support. Developers should take a look at locale-tutorial-0.8.txt.gz, locale-pack-0.8.tar.gz and cat-pack.tar.gz.

The GNU archives has the recode package for character table conversion, the ABOUT-NLS file and the gettext package for locale support of some GNU applications and (of course) the latest versions of GNU emacs.

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