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Mr. Poet

v2.84, 22 August 1999

This document contains a listing of service companies which do not manufacture hardware or create packaged software, but add value to existing products. It is maintained by Mr. Poet .

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3. VAR ID: Australia, Cybersource

4. VAR ID: Australia, EMUSYS Unix Consulting

5. VAR ID: Australia, Sydnet Group Pty Ltd

6. VAR ID: Austria, QUANT-X Service & Consulting GmbH

7. VAR ID: Brazil, Millennium Consultoria e Informática Ltda.

8. VAR ID: Canada, Affinity Systems Inc.

9. VAR ID: Canada, Centurion Services

10. VAR ID: Canada, Mediabase

11. VAR ID: Canada, Net Direct Inc.

12. VAR ID: Canada, Softouch Computer Solutions

13. VAR ID: Canada, VL

14. VAR ID: Finland, SOT Finnish Software Engineering Ltd.

15. VAR ID: France, Paralline

16. VAR ID: Germany, IGEL GmbH

17. VAR ID: Germany, IGEL

18. VAR ID: Germany, dynamis EDV-Consulting

19. VAR ID: Hong Kong, Genesis Systems Int'l Ltd.

20. VAR ID: India, G.T.Enterprises

21. VAR ID: Indonesia, PT Cakram DataLingga Duaribu (CDL2000)

22. VAR ID: Italy, Conecta Telematica srl

23. VAR ID: Italy, Nauta Srl - Internet per l'impresa

24. VAR ID: Italy, Studio C

25. VAR ID: Japan, SoftWare Research Co.

26. VAR ID: Malaysia, Linux Resources Sdn. Bhd.

27. VAR ID: Malaysia, MAGNIFIX

28. VAR ID: Malaysia, Malaysian Linux Competency Center Sdn. Bhd.

29. VAR ID: Netherlands, CMG Trade, Transport & Industry

30. VAR ID: Netherlands, X OS Experts in Open Systems BV

31. VAR ID: Poland, Emit Sp z o.o.

32. VAR ID: Romania, EVERCOMM Serv SRL

33. VAR ID: Spain, Innovacion y Futuro s.l.


35. VAR ID: Sweden, South Pole AB

36. VAR ID: Taiwan, Whinstone Info. Corp.

37. VAR ID: Turkey, Gelecek Bilisim ve Iletisim A.S

38. VAR ID: US, AZ, Sunset Systems

39. VAR ID: US, CA, ASL Workstations, Inc.

40. VAR ID: US, CA, Linux Laptops Ltd.

41. VAR ID: US, CA, PSSC Labs

42. VAR ID: US, CO, Apache Digital Corporation


44. VAR ID: US, FL, eBuilders Network

45. VAR ID: US, IL, Advanced Horizons, Inc

46. VAR ID: US, IL, QLITech Linux COmputers

47. VAR ID: US, IL, QLITech Linux Computers

48. VAR ID: US, IL, WellThot Inc.

49. VAR ID: US, KY, IndyBox Systems, Inc.

50. VAR ID: US, KY, Neville Technologies

51. VAR ID: US, MA, Network Concierge Inc.

52. VAR ID: US, MD, AmNet Computers

53. VAR ID: US, MN, Cranston Software

54. VAR ID: US, MN, Donnal Group Inc

55. VAR ID: US, MO, Atipa Linux Solutions

56. VAR ID: US, MO, Omnitec Corporatin

57. VAR ID: US, NC, ApeX Systems Integration Corp.

58. VAR ID: US, NC, ComputerNet Inc.

59. VAR ID: US, NC, Indelible Blue

60. VAR ID: US, NE, BrainStorm Technologies

61. VAR ID: US, NE, BrainStorm Technologies

62. VAR ID: US, NH, DCG Computers, Inc.

63. VAR ID: US, NON United States, Microway

64. VAR ID: US, NON United States, Telenet System Solutions, Inc.

65. VAR ID: US, NY, Logicept Corporation

66. VAR ID: US, OH, 800Linux

67. VAR ID: US, OH, LANshark Systems, Inc.

68. VAR ID: US, OH, The Computer Underground

69. VAR ID: US, OH, Unique Systems, Inc.

70. VAR ID: US, OR, 3D Technology, Inc.

71. VAR ID: US, PR, OG Consulting

72. VAR ID: US, TX, Computer Innovations International

73. VAR ID: US, TX, Heights Open Systems

74. VAR ID: US, TX, Parachute

75. VAR ID: US, VA, NetSource of Virginia, Inc.

76. VAR ID: US, WA, Cheek Consulting

77. VAR ID: US, WA, Lodgepole Technology

78. VAR ID: United Arab Emirates, JM Infotech Solutions STPI

79. VAR ID: United Kingdom, DGC-NMS

80. VAR ID: United Kingdom, Definite Linux Systems Ltd

81. VAR ID: United Kingdom, Digital Networks

82. VAR ID: United Kingdom, iCode Systems Ltd

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