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Linux VME Howto

John Huggins and Michael Wyrick,

$Revision: 1.16 $, $Date: 2002/02/12 17:57:37 $

This document came about to show the embedded system community how to run Linux on their VMEbus Pentium and other PCI local bus based VMEbus processor designs. The latest version is always available at Linux VME HOWTO.

1. Introduction

2. Installation of the VMELinux Kernel Driver

3. How to talk to the VMEbus with the VMEUtils and the VMEShell Packages

4. How to talk to the Tundra Universe PCI-VME bridge using the devices drivers.

5. Advantages of the VMEbus, Linux and VMELinux

6. Current and planned Board Support

7. Other "Linux on VME" Projects

8. Conclusion

9. FAQ

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