Linux ACP Modem (Mwave) mini-HOWTO

Mike Sullivan

Paul Schroeder

Joy Yokley - Edited document and coverted to DocBook v4.1 (SGML).


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This document describes how to build, setup, and use the ACP (Mwave) Modem feature of the IBM Thinkpad™ 600, 600E, and 770x. The latest version of this document can always be found at

Table of Contents
1. General Information and Hardware Requirements
1.1. Introduction
1.2. Credits
1.3. Where Can I Get the Latest Version of this Driver?
1.4. Copyright Notice and Disclaimer
1.5. Which Systems are Supported
1.6. Features of the Modem
2. Compilation, Installation, and Startup
2.1. Prerequisites
2.2. Building and Installing Source
2.3. Setting Things Up
2.4. Runtime
2.4.1. Loading the ACP device driver
2.4.2. Running ACP Modem Application
3. Resolving Installation and Configuration Problems
3.1. DSP Does Not Start
3.2. Resource Conflicts
3.3. Not Connecting at Specified Starting Speed
3.4. Dialer Application Cannot Detect Serial Port
3.5. PPP Errors Using 2.4.0 Version of the Kernel
4. Debugging Tips
4.1. Error Logs
4.2. Tracing
5. Test Claims
6. List of Supported Countries
7. Trademarks