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6. Appendix - Arguments for All Modules

Items preceded with a "*" are only available in the 0.6.4h series driver

        this is the basic video4linux module, all video 
        drivers (incl. bttv) register themselves here.

        the generic i2c module. It does much of the i2c bus
        management, all other modules (except videodev.o)
        use this one

        insmod args:
                scan=1          scan the bus for i2c devices
                verbose=0       shut up i2c
                i2c_debug=1     for debugging, it sticks the 
                                whole (software) i2c bus 
                                traffic to the syslog

        the bt848 (grabber chip) driver

        insmod args:
                remap=adr       remap Bt848 memory to adr<<20             
                vidmem=base     frame buffer address>>20 (of graphic card)
                triton1=0/1     for Triton1 compatibility
                                Triton1 is automatically recognized
                                but this might also help with other chipsets
                pll=0/1/2       pll settings
                                0: don't use PLL
                                1: 28 MHz crystal installed
                                2: 35 MHz crystal installed
                radio=0/1       card supports radio
                card=n          card type
                                0:  Auto-Detect
                                1:  Miro
                                2:  Hauppauge (old bt848 boards)
                                3:  STB
                                4:  Intel
                                5:  Diamond
                                6:  AVerMedia
                                7:  MATRIX Vision MV-Delta
                                8:  FlyVideo
                                9:  TurboTV
                                10: Hauppauge (new bt878 boards)
                                11: MIRO PCTV pro
                                12: Terratec/Vobis TV-Boostar
                                13: Newer Hauppauge WinCam (bt878)
                                14: MAXI TV Video PCI2
                                15: Terratec TerraTV+
                                16: Aimslab VHX
                                17: PXC200
                                18: AVermedia98
                                19: FlyVideo98 (newer FlyVideo cards)
                                *20: Zoltrix TV-Max
                                *21: iProTV
                                *22: ADS Technologies Channel Surfer TV
                                *23: Pixelview PlayTV (bt878)
                                *24: Leadtek WinView 601
                                *25: AVEC Intercapture
                                *26: LifeView FlyKit w/o Tuner
                                *27: Intel Create and Share PCI

        remap, card, radio and pll accept up to four comma-separted arguments
        (for multiple boards).  The CARD and PLL defines from the Makefile
        are used as defaults.

        The driver for the msp34xx sound processor chips. If you have a
        stereo card, you probably want to insmod this one.

        insmod args:
                debug=1/2       print some debug info to the syslog,
                                2 is more verbose.

        The driver for the tea6300 fader chip.  If you have a stereo
        card and the msp3400.o doesn't work, you might want to try this
        one.  This chip is seen on most STB TV/FM cards (usually from
        Gateway OEM sold surplus on auction sites).

        insmod args:
                debug=1         print some debug info to the syslog.

        The driver for the tda8425 fader chip.  This driver used to be
        part of bttv.c, so if your sound used to work but does not
        anymore, try loading this module.

        insmod args:
                debug=1         print some debug info to the syslog.

        The driver for the tda9855 stereo decoder / audio processor chip.
        insmod args:
                debug=1         print some debug info to the syslog.

        Driver for the dpl3518a Dolby Pro Logic Processor
        insmod args:
                debug=1         print some debug info to the syslog.

        The tuner driver.  You need this unless you want to use only
        with a camera or external tuner ...

        insmod args:
                debug=1         print some debug info to the syslog
                type=n          type of the tuner chip. n as follows:
                                0: Temic PAL tuner
                                1: Philips PAL_I tuner
                                2: Philips NTSC tuner
                                3: Philips SECAM tuner
                                4: no tuner
                                5: Philips PAL tuner
                                6: Temic NTSC tuner
                                7: Temic PAL tuner
                                *8: Alps TSBH1 NTSC tuner
                                *9: Alps TSBE1 PAL tuner

        provides a character device for i2c bus access.  Works for 2.1.x
        only, not compiled by default.

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