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5. Appendix

5.1 A message to Linux distributors

If you happen to be a Linux distributor, thank you for reading all this. Laptops are becoming more and more popular, but still most Linux distributions are not very well prepared for portable computing. Please make this document obsolete and change this for your distribution.

Please mail me if your distribution is optimized for portable computing and what kind of features you added for that. Future versions of this HOWTO will include a section where you can advertise your distribution's laptop features.

5.2 Credits

5.3 About this document

This text mentions batteries 53 times.

The current version of this and many other HOWTOs, most of them a lot more useful than this one, can be found at the main Linux documentation site or at one of its many mirror sites.

Most of this text was written during my trips between Hamburg and Hannover on German rail. (The new ice-2 coaches have power outlets for laptops, yeah!).

And now hum along with me: ``...on the road again...''

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