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1. Introduction

1.1 About this Document

This document was first created by Ryan VanderBijl, April 6, 2:00am. It has been edited by Miles Lott, and I have recieved hints from others.

I recieved my Handvisor today, and have struggled getting it to work, and found no good HOWTO yet, so thought i'd make one. By some random mutation, you might be able to find a new version on my web page, but that is up to chance. Test your luck at:


I used the vi editor. Anything else would have been evil. No spell check has yet been run on this document. So, if you have a problem with my spellling, tuff luck.

1.2 Disclaimer

Hmm... what did I claim? Oh well. I am really a newbie at this usb/visor stuff, so i really couldn't answer to many of your questions. There are people who could help you much better, who maintain the sites I refer to at the end of the document. However, feel free to send me questions, or updates to this document. My email address is:

1.3 History

1.4 What is missing from this document?

I actually "lost" my machine with USB capabilities, so I am no longer able to test the USB stuff out. It would be very nice if people could send in documentation on how to get PPP connections working. (Or any other related cool thing working).

1.5 Copyright

This document is Copyright 2000, by Ryan VanderBijl. You may distribute freely under the terms of the GPL (

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