4. Lego::RCX.pm

4.1. Homepage


4.2. Author

John C. Quillan

4.3. Type

Remote control library.

4.4. Language


4.5. Platforms

GNU/Linux, MS Windows, and Solaris.

4.6. Description

Lego::RCX.pm is basically a perl library for remote control of the RCX via the IR tower. It takes over the IR tower and sends commands that the standard firmware can interpret and act upon. If you already have perl installed (and who doesn't?) this is a very quick and simple way to control your robot. No installation is necessary: merely copy the files into the correct library directories, and add "use RCX.pm" to the top of your perl script. I'm not sure if this has been done yet, but it would make a ridiculously easy way to interface a robot with a CGI script.