Linux MP3 CD Burning mini-HOWTO

Greg Wierzchowski


Revision History
Revision 1.5 2001-11-19 Revised by: GW
Fixed omission in Disc-At-Once burning section.
Revision 1.4 2001-11-17 Revised by: GW
Added Disc-At-Once burning section.
Revision 1.3 2001-09-02 Revised by: GW
Added another example of decoding MP3 files with lame.
Revision 1.2 2001-07-12 Revised by: GW
Minor layout changes; Added Translations subsection into Credits.
Revision 1.1 2001-06-12 Revised by: GW
Minor cleanup; Regexp fix for MP3 to WAV name conversion example.
Revision 1.0 2001-05-29 Revised by: GW
Initial Release.

A complete recipe for creating audio CDs from MP3 files.

Table of Contents
1. Introduction
1.1. Copyright and License
2. Preparing the Tracks
3. Burning Your CD
4. Burning a DAO CD
5. Credits
5.1. Translations
5.2. Other Credits