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The MacTerminal MINI-HOWTO

Robert Kiesling

v1.4, 9 November 1997

This mini HOWTO describes the 1,002nd use for a dead Macintosh (grin): how to configure the Mac for use as a Linux terminal. Configurations using getty and the terminal program kermit are described, as well as using kermit peer-to-peer networking between between Linux and a Macintosh. This document may be reproduced freely, in whole or in part, provided that any usage conforms to the general copyright notice of the HOWTO series of the Linux Documentation Project. See the file COPYRIGHT for details. Send all complaints, suggestions, errata, and any miscellany to , so I can keep this document as complete and up to date as possible.

1. Introduction.

2. Setting up a serial link.

3. Client-server connection with kermit.

4. Logging in via kermit.

5. Conclusion.

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