PCTel HSP MicroModem Configuration mini-HOWTO

Sayamindu Dasgupta


Jan Stifter


Revision History
Revision 1.10 2001-12-04
Cleaning up of sgml by Greg Ferguson, Relicensed under the GFDL, minor corrections
Revision History
Revision 1.00 Nov 26th 2001
First Release

The purpose of this document is to guide you to make your PCTel HSP MicroModem work in linux.

Table of Contents
1. Introduction
1.1. Copyright Information
1.2. Disclaimer
1.3. New Versions
1.4. Credits
1.5. Feedback
1.6. Translations
1.7. Conventions used in this document
2. Purpose of the mini-HOWTO
3. Where to get the drivers
4. Choosing a suitable driver
5. Compiling and installing the drivers
5.1. Installing the 2.2x drivers.
5.2. Installing the pctel-2.4 and the pctel-2.4.7 drivers
5.3. Installing the pctel-0.8.6 driver
6. Testing the drivers
7. A few other points that must be noted.
7.1. Loading the modules at automatically
7.2. Country codes
7.3. Other options while loading the modules.
7.4. The sequence of loading/unloading the modules.
7.5. Bugs in the 2.4x versions.
7.6. Directory of the kernel source files
7.7. PnP BIOS issues
7.8. AMR modems
8. FAQ/Troubleshooting
8.1. Compiling Problems
8.2. Problems while loading the modules.
8.3. General modem based problems.
8.4. I have a problem that is not listed in this section. What do I do?
9. Appendix
9.1. A sample script file to load the modules.
9.2. Web Resources
9.3. Other drivers that are available
9.4. Identifying the chip set of the modem
9.5. GNU Free Documentation License