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4. Quota Setup on Linux - Part I: The Configuration

4.1 Reconfigure your kernel

Reconfigure your kernel and add quota support by typing y to:

Quota support (CONFIG_QUOTA) [n] y

4.2 Compile and install the quota softwares

The quota software source is available from 

4.3 Modify your system init script to check quota and turn quota on at boot time

Here's an example:

# Check quota and then turn quota on. 
if [ -x /usr/sbin/quotacheck ] 
               echo "Checking quotas. This may take some time." 
               /usr/sbin/quotacheck -avug 
               echo " Done." 
         if [ -x /usr/sbin/quotaon ] 
                echo "Turning on quota." 
                /usr/sbin/quotaon -avug 

The golden rule is that always turn quota on after your file systems in /etc/fstab have been mounted, otherwise quota will fail to work. I recommend turning quota on at the end of your system init script, or, if you like, right after the part where file systems are mounted in your system init script.

4.4 Modify /etc/fstab

Partitions that you have not yet enabled quota normally look something like:

/dev/hda1       /       ext2    defaults        1       1
/dev/hda2       /usr    ext2    defaults        1       1

To enable user quota support on a file system, add "usrquota" to the fourth field containing the word "defaults" (man fstab for details).

/dev/hda1       /       ext2    defaults        1       1
/dev/hda2       /usr    ext2    defaults,usrquota       1       1

Replace "usrquota" with "grpquota", should you need group quota support on a file system.

/dev/hda1       /       ext2    defaults        1       1
/dev/hda2       /usr    ext2    defaults,grpquota       1       1

Need both user quota and group quota support on a file system?

/dev/hda1       /       ext2    defaults        1       1
/dev/hda2       /usr    ext2    defaults,usrquota,grpquota       1   1

4.5 Create quota record "quota.user" and ""

Both quota record files, quota.user and, should be owned by root, and read-write permission for root and none for anybody else.

Login as root. Go to the root of the partition you wish to enable quota, then create quota.user and by doing:

touch /partition/quota.user 
touch /partition/ 
chmod 600 /partition/quota.user 
chmod 600 /partition/

4.6 Reboot

Now reboot system for the changes you have made to take effect.

Also note that subsequent partitions you wish to enable quota in the future only require step 4, 5, and 6.

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